What Do I Do If I Am Worried About Elderly Parents Driving?

What Do I Do If I Am Worried About Elderly Parents Driving?

In the event that you are truly worried about an older person’s driving, you should write to the DVLA in confidentially. They may then report the incident to the local police department. Consider how this might influence your connection with the individual and whether there is another way for you to persuade them to consider giving up their fight.

What can I do if my parent has a driving problem?

Come along for the ride. Take your parent on a drive and watch for signs of difficulties with certain driving habits or activities, such as difficulty backing up or turning around, or using the brake and gas pedals at the same time.

Is it time to get your senior parent to stop driving?

Senior driving that is unsafe is a big problem. When you see warning signals that your parent or spouse is no longer safe behind the wheel, it’s time to intervene and get them removed from the road. Some elderly individuals, on the other hand, are adamant in their refusal to hand over the keys, no matter what.

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