What 1970S Legislation Was Passed That Significantly Affects The Elderly Quizlet?

What 1970S Legislation Was Passed That Significantly Affects The Elderly Quizlet?

The terms in this collection (38) What piece of law was introduced in the 1970s that has a substantial impact on the elderly? It was deemed unlawful in practically every profession to impose mandatory retirement ages.

What is the most likely reason for the involvement of African American grandfathers with their grandchildren?

In your opinion, what is the most likely reason for African American grandfathers to become involved with their grandchildren? Multigenerational families are more common among African Americans than among white Americans, and grandparents play an important part in child development.

What type of facility provides extensive care for those with chronic illnesses?

Hospital-based skilled nursing facilities, often known as extended care facilities, are divisions of larger medical centers that provide long-term care. It is their mission to give the greatest degree of medical and nursing care possible, including 24-hour monitoring and extensive rehabilitative therapy.

Which of the following can assist in conflict resolution when elderly people live with their children?

Personality is being defended. Women, on the whole, prefer more female company. When older adults live with their offspring, which of the following can be used to help resolve conflicts between them? Hospice care is a type of care that is provided to people who are dying.

What type of facility provides extensive care?

Skilled nursing facilities provide comprehensive care, which allows them to provide greater stability to seniors who would otherwise be forced to stay in the hospital for lengthy periods of time. The hospice program at certain nursing homes is designed to provide palliative care to seniors who are reaching the conclusion of their senior living journey.

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What factor led to the development of activity theory as an explanation for successful aging?

What was the driving force behind the creation of the activity theory? The disengagement idea has received little support.

What is true of the five factor theory?

In addition to neuroticism and extraversion, the Five-Factor Theory (commonly referred to as the Big Five) includes openness to experience, agreeableness, and conscientiousness as additional factors. Traits are more stable than states in terms of long-term stability.

Which type of memory capacity changes during old age and especially slips around age 70 quizlet?

Memory capacity deteriorates with age, with short-term memory suffering the most significant reduction at the age of 70. Autobiographical recollections are those that one has about one’s own life.

What is the major task to be accomplished in the body transcendence?

According to Pecks thesis, what is the most important work that should be performed during the body transcendence stage as opposed to the body obsession stage? People must learn to cope with and go beyond the bodily changes that they are experiencing.

What is Erikson’s theory of aging?

The developmental phases hypothesis of Erikson proposes that humans go through eight different developmental stages as they grow and change throughout their lives. In contrast to many developmental theories, which tend to focus solely on childhood events, Erikson was one of the few thinkers who examined development over the course of a person’s whole life.

What kinds of physical changes begin occurring around 40 years of age?

We reach the pinnacle of our physical talents throughout early adulthood (ages 20–40), including muscle strength, response time, sensory capacities, and heart functioning. Early adulthood is also when the aging process begins, and it is marked by changes in the skin, eyesight, and reproductive capabilities, among other things.

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What are the major developmental tasks for older adults?

People over 60 years of age face a variety of developmental challenges, according to Havinghurst, including: adapting to a decline in physical strength, adjusting to retirement and reduced income, coming to terms with the death of a spouse, maintaining social relations with people your own age, accepting and adapting to changing social circumstances.

What is the type of care associated with the elderly called?

Elder care, also known as eldercare, or just eldercare (also known as aged care in some parts of the English-speaking world), is a service that caters to the needs and requirements of older individuals. Assisted living, adult daycare, long-term care, nursing homes (also known as residential care), hospice care, and home care are all included in the definition.

What is an obstacle that the elderly continue to face with regard to working?

What is the most significant barrier that the elderly continue to confront in terms of finding employment? Age discrimination continues to be a problem for the elderly.

What is level 3 care for seniors in Saskatchewan?

Level 3 Care: Intensive personal or nursing care is provided at this level. The personal physician of the patient.

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