Elderly Parent Who Refuses To Stop Driving?

Elderly Parent Who Refuses To Stop Driving?

In the event that your old parent or relative refuses to quit driving, there isn’t much you can do — they are, after all, fully capable of doing so. Only the driver or the DVLA has the authority to prevent someone from driving – this is addressed in more detail below – but if you are really worried, there is an additional alternative.

You can file a request for driver review with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Department of Driving Services (DDS) in some states if your parent is refusing to undergo a professional driving assessment and you are concerned about your parent’s safety on the road. Different states have different names for these departments.

What should you do if your parents refuse to stop driving?

If your parents are adamant about continuing to drive, be aware of your options: When a parent refuses to stop driving despite apparent proof that they are a danger to others on the road, some families resort to dramatic measures such as concealing their parent’s car keys, deactivating the vehicle, or even sending the vehicle out for ″repairs″ that are never really completed.

Is it time to get your senior parent to stop driving?

Senior driving that is unsafe is a big problem. When you see warning signals that your parent or spouse is no longer safe behind the wheel, it’s time to intervene and get them removed from the road. Some elderly individuals, on the other hand, are adamant in their refusal to hand over the keys, no matter what.

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What to do if your elderly parent can’t drive?

Allow a family member or close acquaintance to ″borrow″ the vehicle.If your elderly relative’s automobile is not parked in the garage, he or she will be unable to drive.To prevent them from becoming suspicious, you may arrange for a family or close acquaintance to take possession of the vehicle.For example, the relative may pretend that their own automobile is in the shop being repaired because it needs extensive work done.

How dangerous is it to stop an elderly person from driving?

The man was extremely risky, even when driving less than five miles away from his destination. The task of stopping a stubborn elderly person may be difficult when the elder refuses to listen to family, can’t or won’t accept the notion of being unable to drive due to impairment, and is persistent about the matter.

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