What Is The Best Way To Put Weight On An Elderly Horse?

What Is The Best Way To Put Weight On An Elderly Horse?

Another alternative for feeding elderly horses with weak dentition is to soak the feed until it has the consistency of mash or gruel. Incorporating Dengie’s Alfa-Beet or Grass Pellets into your horses’ hay replacer diet is an excellent method to soften the ration while also giving additional calories for horses that are trying to put on weight.

Putting on Weight for Senior Horses Who Are Already Thin

  1. 1 percent of a high-quality forage daily (depending on body weight) should be provided.
  2. Provide a comprehensive feed particularly formulated for older horses that contains a higher digestible fiber content of at least 0.5 percent of body weight
  3. Feeding a senior horse more regularly, at least three times per day, is recommended.

How can I help my senior horse gain weight?

If the senior horse is eating the required amounts of Equine Senior ® but still needs to add a few pounds, there are a few solutions available to help him acquire the weight he requires. First and foremost, if the older horse is still capable of chewing and digesting pasture/hay, increasing the calorie content of the diet may be a wise decision.

How to get a horse to put weight on?

Increase the amount of food that your horse consumes. Making your horse eat more food is the first step in putting weight on him. It is possible to provide your horse with the extra calories he requires to gain weight by increasing both his hay and feed consumption.

What is the best feed for an older horse?

Ultium ® Competition, Omolene ® #200, and Omolene ® #500 are other calorie-dense feeds that, when combined with adequate excellent quality hay and/or pasture, may be beneficial in assisting an older horse to gain weight.

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