How To Maintain A Safe Environment For Elderly?

How To Maintain A Safe Environment For Elderly?

  1. Ensure that the elderly are able to communicate effectively through telephone. Alternatively, you may program a speed dial button or voice controlled calls that can connect the elderly to family members immediately
  2. A stimulating atmosphere for the elderly may be created by including personal items such as old photographs or favorite souvenirs.
  3. Before opening the main entrance, check that it is safe and that a peephole is installed at eye level to allow you to see who is coming in. The outside bulb should be bright enough to allow for easy visibility of the guests.

Creating a Living Environment that is Safe In the general living area, you’ll find.

  1. Maintain a fire extinguisher on each story of the building.
  2. Moveable rugs should be removed or tacked down.
  3. Ensure that all stair rails are of good quality
  4. Remove all electrical cables from walkways and other pedestrian spaces.
  5. Avoid smearing slippery wax on slippery surfaces.
  6. Make use of a walking assistance that is appropriately fitted
  7. Never climb a ladder or sit on a chair

What are some tips for older adults on home safety?

  1. Informational sheet about home safety for older adults 1 Keep emergency phone numbers close at reach.
  2. Always have a list of emergency phone numbers next to each phone in your home.
  3. 2 Keep yourself from falling.
  4. 3 Make your home as safe as possible.
  5. 4 Take precautions against fire and other hazards.
  • 5 Keep bathroom dangers to a minimum.
  • 6 Prevent poisoning from occurring.
  • 7 Keep an eye out for abuse.

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