How To Get Elderly Relatives Up Stairs?

How To Get Elderly Relatives Up Stairs?

In the event that your senior loved one is capable of standing and walking / taking steps and they use a conventional cane or quad cane, the following are the best alternatives for assisting them up a stairwell: For them to wear a belt (or a gait belt, such as this one on Amazon that I utilized when working as an Occupational Therapist) around their waist.

Make use of your other hand to assist the elderly person as they begin to ascend the steps. Affirm the elder’s willingness to ascend or descend each step slowly and methodically, beginning with their weaker leg first, then the stronger, and finally the cane. Before climbing the next step, all three should be on the previous step.

Can stairs be modified to make them senior friendly?

The design of stairs may be altered in a variety of ways in order to make them more ″senior friendly.″ Sometimes just one modification is required, and other times more than one modification is required – it all depends on the physical and cognitive condition of the individual for whom you are attempting to make the stairway safer.What can you do to make stairwells more accessible for seniors?

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