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What’s Wrong With This Picture

By September 9, 2014Age-friendly living

No—this is not the wicked witch of the west and we are not in Kansas anymore. This is what happens when you live in a house with slippery floors and loose scatter rugs and you elect not to wear good walking shoes. Are those heels? Yikes.

I am obsessed with doing all that I can to prevent my age peers—the people I know and love–from falling and breaking a limb or a hip. If you are at the Southern Oregon Fall Home Show at the Jackson County Expo in in Central Point at 4 pm on Friday or Saturday and 3pm on Sunday (September 12, 13, 14) you will hear me expound on this topic. My husband and I are giving seminars we are calling “Age-Friendly Home Make-Overs” for older adults. We will talk about all the little and big things we should all do to reduce fall risk and promote in-home safety and ease of living. Check out our website: www.agefriendlyinnovators.org for more information.

I will be the passionate one and my husband (co-presenter) the more practical one. The really practical one—Darrell Boldt–who is an experienced builder, will also be giving seminars. It’s a team effort. And it’s all under the umbrella of aging-in-place-in-a-home-of-your-own.

We will talk about making in-home adaptions that increase the likelihood you will be able to live in the home you love forever and ever. For example, changing the handles on drawers to C or D pulls instead of knobs can make a huge difference if you have arthritic hands. Another idea: a bench by the front door to put parcels on when you come back from shopping means it’s less likely you fumble for a key with your hands full of groceries and drop a gallon jug of milk on your big toe. And yet another: automatic shut-off timers for select appliances so there’s less danger of setting the house on fire. That’s only the beginning of ideas we have to offer you—we should get together.                        Author: Sharon Johnson

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