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A Little Toilet Talk

By November 23, 2014Healthy Aging

As you may have figured out from our blogs, Sharon and I are now living in the “Age-Friendly” single story home we had built in the Twin Creeks Development in Central Point.  While neither of us have mobility issues at this time, we did want to plan for the future and what that may hold in terms of health.  Thus are new home is fully accessible and has been certified to the Lifelong Housing standard developed by AARP Oregon and the Rogue Valley Council of Governments.

Which brings me to the bathroom toilet.  In every room of the house we tried to incorporate not only the recommended fixtures that were considered “age-friendly” but also adoption of the newest technology.  In our guest bathroom we installed grab bars in the tub/shower, a pedestal sink to conserve space and grab bars adjacent to the toilet for those that might need a little help getting on and off.  In addition, we installed what is often referred to as a “comfort height” toilet with a seat that is at least 18 inches high (16 1/2 inches to the rim) instead of the standard height toilet.   This height is much more comfortable for adults of all ages and abilities and I would recommend it for anyone remodeling a bathroom.

In our master bathroom we installed another unique feature; a bidet toilet seat (called BioBidet) that does, well, what a bidet is supposed to do.  For older adults a bidet toilet may be the difference between independence and assistance.  The BioBidet is essentially a toilet seat with special features and requires a nearby electrical outlet.  It is as easy to install as a standard toilet seat and also functions as a nightlight.

I thought we had covered all the bases (so to speak) when we put in our toilets but technology is always pursuing better solutions to everyday problems.  Today I saw a headline that gave me pause….”Odor-eating toilet seat offers a breath of fresh air.”  Turns out Kohler has developed a deodorizing toilet seat that promises to eliminate bathroom odors and the need for candles, matches or sprays.  The device has a fan hidden in the battery-operated seat which moves air through a carbon filter.

I’m not sure if we will buy this new odor eating toilet seat but you never know.  I will keep my eye out for other innovations that will make life easier and age-friendly.  Any ideas?



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