Communities that actively embrace and support healthy and independent living for older adults.


Promote awareness of aging-in-place issues and develop supportive strategies, products and/or services to enable older adults to lead healthy and independent lives in their homes.


  • Foster greater organizational and public awareness of the growing need for accessible and adaptive housing.

  • Identify new approaches to address fall prevention, health and safety issues.

  • Increase awareness of “age-friendly” concepts such as universal design, aging-in-place, healthy aging, livable communities and the importance of intergenerational relationships.


  • Catalyze support for the programs and services of organizations that serve older adults through demonstration projects that incorporate age-friendly services and products.

  • Build partnerships with both public and private sector organizations to both support current initiatives and create new programs.

  • Actively support the development of Oregon AARP/Rogue Valley Council of Governments Lifelong Housing Certification standard and similar initiatives in other communities.

  • Launch community conversations on the need for greater focus on aging-in-place solutions.

  • Communicate the rapid increase in the percentage of Americans over age 65 and the impact on new construction and home remodeling.