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Fall-Risk, In-Home Safety and Accessibility Assessment

A tool for evaluating homes and their older adult occupants


Grandma's Porch

Help us reduce fall and other safety risk for hundreds of low income older adults in Southern Oregon.


Educational Outreach

Community presentations, seminars and workshops


Fee for Consultation

Experts are available to consult with developers, builders and others.


Intergenerational Park

The first in Oregon, to serve a demographically diverse community offering a range recreational facilities for young and old alike.



Age-Friendly Innovators is a not-for-profit organization launched by two Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS). Its purpose is to catalyze thinking about age-friendly living and pose creative solutions that enable older adults to live healthy and independent lives.

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In late 2014 Age-Friendly Innovators launched Grandma’s Porch Fund to help low income seniors and persons with disabilities reduce their risk of falling and providing assistive devices that make their homes safer and more accessible. Grandma’s Porch Fund assures that those on modest, fixed, incomes can stay in their homes.

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Age-Friendly Innovators is committed to helping older adults stay in their own homes and communities safely, for as long as possible.  Each year in America millions of older adults fall. One in three older adults falls each year but less than half tell their doctor–even though a single fall doubles your chance of falling again.

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